2024 MultiGP International Open

MultiGP International Open 2024 (#26)

-All Cart Handouts Will be Facilitated By MultiGP, but Carts Must Be Reserved and Purchased Here.

-Golf Carts Are Available For Event Pricing Only (6/12/24-6/16/24). No Single Day Rentals Will Be Made Available. 

-This Rental Booking Will Close on May 24, 2024. No Late Bookings Will Be Accepted.

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Fast Facts:

First Hand-out day: Wednesday June 12, 2024
Rental Period: Wednesday June 12, 2024, to Sunday June 16, 2024
Golf Car Return Day: Sunday June 16, 2024.

**Any golf cars returned after Sunday, June 16, 2024, will incur an additional $200.00 PER GOLF CAR PER DAY late fee. Any golf cars Willandale tows or retrieves, will incur an additional $250.00 tow fee per golf car in addition to any late fees. ** Any golf car keys not returned will incur an additional $10.00 per golf car key fee. All stickers, decals, and/or sticky residue MUST be removed before return of golf car(s). Customer will incur a $100.00 cleaning charge per item if not removed.


This contract is to begin no earlier than June 12, 2024

That for valuable consideration received and hereby acknowledged by each, the Lessor does grant the Lessee exclusive renting rights as hereinafter stipulated and mutually agreed that each of the respective parties to this contract will fulfill the several obligations imposed on each and that both accept the full meaning and intent of this contract, waiving recourse to any specific states rights laws which might allow either party to evade their respective responsibilities.

It is further understood that no verbal understanding not incorporated in this document is to be conceded as binding upon either but it is agreed that should it be found expedient and proper by both to alter, add, or omit any portion of this contract during its existence, that it may be altered or changed only by mutual written agreement, signed by the proper authorized officer of each respective party and that such changes do not invalidate the balance of the contract.

The usage period for the units is from approximately June 12, 2024 (or when the vehicles are received by the “Lessee”), until June 16, 2024 (once all vehicles are returned to the “Lessor” and inspected for unusual wear and tear or damages).



1. The Lessee has until May 31, 2024, to cancel (or partially cancel) an order, by written notification. Once this date passes, the Lessee will be responsible for the full rental amount of each vehicle set aside for the Lessee.
2. Title to said vehicles shall at all times be and remain the sole exclusive property of the Lessor. Said vehicles may not be removed from the premises of the event grounds.
4. The Lessee assumes responsibility for the safe housing indoors or under suitable cover for the golf cars during the night hours. Ignition keys are to be removed from vehicles when not is use and at night-time.
5. The Lessee shall maintain insurance for the vehicles, as required by the Lessor.
6. The undersigned, and on behalf of the Company, hereby agrees to release, hold harmless, indemnify and defend Willandale Golf Cart Sales and MultiGP, their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, members, shareholders, officers, directors, agents, employees, sponsors, trustees, receivers, successors, subcontractors and assigns, from any and all responsibility, liability or damages, including reasonable attorney fees arising from injuries to person(s) or damage to property which may arise from the use of these golf cars by the Lessor/Company named below, its employees, agents, or representatives. Lessor/Company’s obligations hereunder to defend shall extend to claims alleging the sole negligence, willful misconduct or violation of law of an Additional Insured Party when combined with other claims triggering Lessor/Company’s obligation to indemnify, provided however, that upon the final adjudication by a court of competent jurisdiction or written settlement between the parties, Lessor/Company shall be reimbursed for the portion of fees or losses so adjudicated as the responsibility of an Additional Insured Party. Lessor/Company’s indemnification obligations shall survive termination of this Agreement, shall extend to claims occurring after termination of this agreement, and are independent from, and not limited in any manner by the Lessor/Company’s insurance coverage as required by this Agreement.
7. Any acts of vandalism to the rental vehicle shall be reported in writing to the Lessor and MultiGP upon discovery for documentation in accordance with standard incident reporting procedures, along with any names and /or evidence that would lead to the apprehension of the vandals or that would aid in filing an insurance claim. Property damage, fire, theft, and injuries resulting from the use of the vehicles shall be reported in the same manner. Lessee takes full responsibility for any and all for the above and will be responsible for payment in full for lost, stolen or damaged golf cars.
8. Lessor shall have the right to withdraw any cars at anytime for maintenance or any abuses beyond normal wear and tear, as well as improper or unsafe driving/handling of golf cars. A fee of $500.00 will be charged if golf car is tampered with or modified. All golf cars are inspected by Lessor before issuing to Lessee.
9. Do not overload the golf cars with more passengers than it is designed for.
10. A fee of $100.00 per decal will be charged for decals or stickers applied to the golf cars and not removed before returning the golf cars. **SEE SIGN, DECORATING, & TRASH POLICY**
11. Lessor shall have the right to assign this contract.
12. Normal wear and tear on golf cars will be expected but abuse to cars will be the responsibility of the Lessee.
13. ADVERTISING: Lessee shall not, without the prior consent of Willandale Golf Cart Sales, use, nor shall it permit others to use, the equipment for the purpose of displaying any advertisements or publicity materials (including company logo).
14. Lessee is responsible for paying the full replacement value for lost or stolen vehicle(s).
15. In case of a rain delay additional rental fee will be charged.
16. E-Z-GO golf car keys are universal for Lessor’s golf cars; therefore, it is the Lessee’s responsibility to secure golf cars with their own lock/cable set.


In the event that signage is necessary for your event, and users/departments enjoy decorating their golf car as part of the festivities the following signage, decoration and trash policy is in effect and should be adhered to at all times. We ask that you respect the vehicle and return it in the same condition as when it was checked out. Thank You!

Please note that many products can cause damage to the golf cars, which will result in additional damage charges billed after the event if unauthorized products are used.

• Duct Tape
• Masking Tape
• Clear tape
• Spray on glue or glue adhesives of any kind.
• Spray paint
• Crepe paper – color will bleed and damage body if wet
• Stick on numbers and letters purchased from a hardware store

• Green or Blue Painters Tape and Gaff Tape
• Bungee Cords, String or Rope
• Wire ties
• Material tied on golf car (keep away from engine compartment as fire hazard)
• Professionally printed stickers or permits
Must have printer prepare with low resolution glue that will stick but come off easily

• Remove all decorations and signage
• Remove all trash to include paper products, cans, bottles, etc.
• Remove all personal items to include sunglasses, clothing, work papers, tools, radios etc.
WGCS cannot be responsible for these items once the car is turned in.

• WGCS’s labor rate is $95 per hour and $100 per sticker or permit using unauthorized glue and left on car. Damages and cleanup will be billed at this rate plus cost of replacement parts as needed.

• If cars are abandoned and WGCS staff has to retrieve there is a $250 per car fee


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